Skilled Nursing and Rehab
Posted: Sep 28
You deserve better! You have worked hard to play at the top of your game. You spend your day caring for others. Now it’s time that someone cares for YOU.

Built from scratch to be “Nurse First.” Kevala is a Seattle-based startup committed to representing caregivers at all levels. Simply put, we aim to deliver better opportunities at higher rates of pay. We’re doing this by eliminating the crazy and unacceptable amount of inefficiency in today’s healthcare staffing system. We are working tirelessly to be more efficient, so that we can pass our savings along to you.

If you are a modern nurse that would prefer push notifications to phone calls, and mobile apps to paper, we might just be right for you. Join the Kevala team today and grow with us as we seize this opportunity to deliver:
  • Greater Choice: access to a wide variety of assignments.
  • Higher Pay: take home more of the billable fee.
  • No Hassle: find, apply, and accept shifts with no phone calls required
  • Faster Pay: Our caregivers get paid weekly (and soon, daily)

Assignment Details:
  • Contract Duration: 13 weeks
  • Shift: NOC - 10:00PM - 6:00AM
  • Schedule: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (AM)
  • Cancel Notice: 14 days
  • Guaranteed Hours: 24
Overtime Hours: All overtime hours must be pre-approved by facility representative
Holiday / Overtime: 1.5 times the hourly rate
Crisis Rate: In addition to any Holiday Rate or Overtime Rate, one and one-half (1.5) times the applicable hourly rate will be implemented for Provider personnel assigned to a Covid-19 unit at Facility, subject to the parties’ agreement in advance and in writing.

Pre-approved time off: November 29 - December 12


As a Registered Nurse / RN you will need to have:
  • At least 1 year experience in skilled nursing in the last 3 years
  • Graduated from an accredited nursing school
  • Current state licensure as a Registered Nurse
  • Current BLS certification

As a Registered Nurse your responsibilities would include:
  • Provide planning and delivery of direct and indirect patient care
  • Supervise execution of the patient plan of care and participate in development of the plan of care
  • Communicate changes in patients' clinical condition with Physicians, Nursing Supervisor/Manager, and co-workers as appropriate

Important Note:
The assignment is subject to terms of the employment agreement and performance as dictated by the facility. An assignment can be cancelled without the notice period per the above sentence. 

Kevala is on a mission to unlock the modern healthcare workforce. Healthcare is the largest and fastest growing employment sector, with 17.5 million healthcare providers in the United States alone, yet the technology to efficiently access this workforce has not kept pace.The Kevala team is inspired by the prospect of addressing these widespread problems brought on by a shortage of skilled nurses and the rising cost of healthcare.

We believe that modern technology, coupled with an efficiently utilized workforce, is a big part of the solution.

Driven by our core principle of putting caregivers first, Kevala has demonstrated an ability to attract and engage a large and loyal population of nurses and therapists who want control over when and where they work. When we properly match the workforce to healthcare organizations who need supplemental staff, everyone wins.

If you want to learn more check out what other positions are available at https://careers.kevala.care

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